Friday, September 16, 2011

other project

hello there !how are you people ? :)

we're so sorry for having no new posts these past two weeks  :(
so we just want to tell you that in the middle of  Ramadhan we decided to join some kind of architecture-competition.
and we both just too busy with this project :)

and so we've done the project.
the "Balai Pertemuan Melayu" at Kampung Layur, Semarang named Balayuwa --> Balai Melayu Jawa (such weird name ehh ?).
this is our very first time doing this architectural project anyway.
and we're just too excited for another.
so, if you don't mind, enjoy this. other things that we've made.
not just a picture, words, or a short story.

wish us luck, then ! :)
enjoy ! :D
the exteriors

the concept, interiors, and detail :)