Thursday, December 1, 2011

1st anniversary

it's been two months since we have no updates in our nirfado. and so does in our real life.
until yesterday you've just text me something like about our nirfado's logo. i thought that you want to make your own artwork. just it.

and this afternoon you just show me two packs of nirfado with brown colour and said to me, "Today is nirfado anniversary, give your nirfado a keychain, and if tomorrow i don't see this with keychain, i'll kill you." and you just go to pray.

when i opened the brown colour pack, whoaa it's acrylic laser cutting ! :D

acrylic keychain
i'm so excited and happy, you gave me something like what i give to you at your birthday, a nirfado keychain too, but yours is better :)

first keychain

ah, anyway, it's been a long time since our last conversation.
i think we are too busy with our own self and stuffs, we forget that we have this blog (even I still open this blog sometimes), we forget this kinda routinity, no competition entries, no chat, and so on.

thankyou, and happy anniversary, nirfado ! :)
any other competition entries, next? 

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