Friday, December 2, 2011

1st anniversary

it was stupid i thought planning to give a key chain as a nirfado's anniversary present but i forgot to think about the chain. and so, i gave only the key (though it's not anything like a key) and ask her to give it a chain. yeah and i did it in such way that i even gave her some kind of thread that i'd kill her if tomorrow i didn't see it hanging with a chain on it. but of course, i've never meant to do it.

well, nirfado was never dead. though there's no post at all these past two months, it doesn't mean that nirfado's dead. we're not dead! we're just having some hibernation. and i've been missing this blog lately.

so, this nirfado's very first anniversary  will i hope be our alarm to wake us up, and begin to post and share anything again.

at last, i'd like to say that it's so sad to do this again without my very best partner lil'niki. I'm sorry partner. i wished i had been more careful .

happy first anniversary anyway !
let's do this again !

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